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Name: Ambra

Age: 20

Date of Birth: October 8, 1982

Place Of Birth: Oahu, Hawaii

Residence: Amarillo, Texas

Marital Status: Single

Siblings: 2-Brianne(14) & Tricia(8)

Pets: cat named Sierra

Favorite Actor: Eric Lively & Shane West

Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts, Julia Stiles, & Kirsten Dunst

Favorite TV Show: 7th Heaven, Everwood, Real World,& Reba

Favorite Movie: Blue Crush, Coyote Ugly, 8 Seconds, & 8 Mile

Favorite Genre of Music: I love all kinds

Favorite Musical Group: BSB

Perfume: Cool Water

Hobbies: Volleyball, reading  

Favorite Video: Cry (play video), Mandy Moore

Favorite Song: Intervention Divine, Kaci 

My Sisters Favorite Video: Why Not, Hilary Duff

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