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Nick's Bio.


    Before his BSB fame, Nick who is the eldest of five children in his family, did some acting and TV commercials for example he appeared in a Florida State Lottery and the Money Store commercial. His younger siblings are sisters BJ [Bobbie Jean], Leslie, Angel and Aaron (Angel and Aaron are twins).  Nick's parents are Robert and Jane Carter and both have already traveled with Nick while he has been on tour.

    Nick is the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys and he is also by far the most popular. He also has one the group strongest and most distinct voices, so it isn't a surprise that he can be heard singing major parts in most of the BSB's songs. Nick isn't just a singer and dancer but he also plays the drums (this is something he has done onstage during many of his concerts). Nick's favorite bands to listen to are Journey, Nirvana and Boyz II Men while his singer idol is Steve Perry.  

    During his free time, Nick has said that he enjoys drawing comics and playing video games.  Nick also enjoys shooting some hoops and because he lives so close to the ocean in Florida, he enjoys going scuba-diving and boating. When asked where he would spend a dream vacation he has said that he would want to go to either Australia Spain or the Florida Keys.  If there's a TV around, he likes watching shows like the X-Files and the Simpson's.