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Nick Quotes

"I feel all mushed up in these spandex things!" 
"I like to do anything I can think of to these guys!" 
"Yo Brian, stop lying!" 
"Then Kevin said somethin' about a castle." 
"I've been sitting in a chair for two hours and it's really affecting me right now!" 
"I'm sorry! I always mess up!" 

"Howie's just a little stressed out here!" 
"Me and Howie, we've been on the road a little too long!" 
(on the group TLC) "They're tough little cookies"I'm a camera hostage." 
"Sometimes I shut up cause I'm afraid I don't have anything interesting to tell anyway." 
"I never hang my feet off the end of the bed - I'm afraid little gremlins will bite my toes! Really!" 
"I always like to know what the time is. Especially break time - cause then I can rush off and play my Nintendo!" 
"I hate flying but I've gotten used to it. I just try to sleep through the whole flight." 
"So I went on TV and made a fool of myself." 
"I'm sorry...Brian and Howie won't let me." 
"We're gonna star in the next movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger." 
"Love has no age." 
"My family comes first before anything, they are everything to me." 
"The caring's the most important thing when a girl gives you her heart." 
"Everday I get a lot of hugs from fans and the guys, but I don't get a proper hug everyday....I wish I did." 
"I have to admit that I do look at the breasts too." 

"We are really satisfied with how the tour has progressed. Sure there have been some off moments, a few trip-ups here and there but that is to be expected. We just want everyone to have as much fun as we're having. Sometimes though, the touring can get lonely, especially when you miss your family. When I feel like this you can usually find me sitting on the bus listening to music, or drawing. I love to draw."
"I love it when fans do crazy things like trying to sneak into our hotel rooms. I guess we'll need to worry if they stop doing crazy things!"
"I'm probably the craziest of the bunch. They would all tell you that. I have to keep this attitude since it drives everyone up the wall. Secretly, I know they wouldn't want to have it any other way. I want to be this crazy, even when I'm eighty-years-olds!"
"I can't stand it when girls smoke or wear too much make-up. The worst type of girl is one who acts like a snob... I just Hate It! Personality is the most important thing for me. Forget her appearance, if her personality isn't right it just won't work. A girl who agrees with everything is not for me, as well. I also love girls who like dancing, hold-hands, long walks and lots of kisses; but character is by far the most important factor to me"
"I love Pizza!, just double cheese, extra thick"
"Kevin- He really is like a big brother to me" 
"My family used to call me Charlie Brown because I had a big round head with no hair"
"the flying wha?" 
"Here's my favorite joke: Yesterday I flew from Florida to Europe, my arms are still hurting."