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Why we Love Nick Carter?

  1. He is ever so sexy!

  2. His beautiful big, blue, soulful eyes

  3. His mischievous smile & his luscious lips

  4. He looks ever so sexy in glasses

  5. He loves the ocean

  6. His ever so cute American accent

  7. His sexy, individual, beautiful singing voice

  8. He licks his lips....oh so often

  9. His brotherly love

  10. He loves sports

  11. He is the perfect height

  12. He kisses fans on the cheek.

  13. He is so nice to fans

  14. He is a little like all of us

  15. The way he uses that ass.

  16. He gets shy

  17. His messy writing

  18. Hasn't let fame go to his head

  19. He was born an individual- Nickolas

  20. He acts goofy when he is with Brian

  21. He has admitted to being over 7 inches..haha, hell yeah

  22. This man pranks Britney Spears

  23. How even as a 2yr old he could shake that booty

  24. He would date a fan!